Medical Device Software Design: “Ease Of Use” Software

Medical software device based on “human factors”
and “user experience” design

SenesiaHC  is focused on developing medical diagnostic software based on “human factors engineering” and “user experience design”.
Our Company creates medical software that are intuitive and easy to use for users.

User Experience

SenesiaHC  is focused on the user experience. At the beginning of each project, SenesiaHC carries out a careful analysis of users’ needs and behavior, in order to develop essential models for the design of customized software solutions.

Usability testing.

Testing medical devices in real environments

SenesiaHC  runs a “usability test” to better understand how people will interact with the elements of a connected diagnostic system or medical device.

The work of our Company consists in testing the diagnostic systems in real environments analyzing either the behavior of the operators or the behavior of the patients.

Moreover, our research on “human factors” also helps the company to better fitting the market by improving the products.

User interface design: simple, intuitive & elegant

User interface design is very important. During the software prototyping step, our engineers are able to best match the user’s needs with the software architecture.

The user will learn the application easier and faster, due to a simple and intuitive software interface that does not require any explanations.

Our applications have modern and elegant appearance as well as those used in the smartphone or tablets.

Target software design


A simple program focuses on the specific  tasks and  details;


A Flexible application is a software that can quickly adapt to new configurations. An application, that, for example, can be used by multi-lingual users.


Reliability, to prevent data corruption. Our software solutions are reliable as they:

  • maintain data integrity;
  • avoid data loss during importations and exportations of data;
  • Prevent and manage data corruption;

Agile and lean processes:

Our company’s developers use “Agile” software development processes, designed to identify problems in advance, helping to eliminate risks.

Our software development process allows our customers to send us immediate feedbacks, allowing us to make instant changes to our software.

This “circular” development process has a double advantage: it allows us to better manage uncertainty, mitigate risks and make the marketing of the client’s product more effective.

“Ease of use”:

An “easy to use software” gives an intuitive experience for the users: an application that, according to the context, is able to show the relevant functionalities, disabling those that are not necessary.

It guides the user in the data entry, advising him about working operating’s.Our software solutions are “ease of use” as they:

  • give solution to users;
  • present information required by the user;
  • show a smart user interface design.